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Unleashing the Power of CSS Viewport Units

This post explores the concept and importance of CSS viewport units in responsive design. It covers an explanation of viewport units, their advantages, and their distinction from other CSS units.

Exploring Regular Expressions

Regex is a powerful tool that developers can use to process texts for different use cases. It is highly flexible as it can handle a wide range of patterns and variations. In this post, we will introduce regex and common use cases where it will come in handy.

JavaScript Timeout and Interval: Managing Time-Based Events

In this article, we will explore JavaScript timeouts and intervals, their differences, and how they can be effectively used in web development.

JavaScript Date: A Comprehensive Guide to Handling Dates and Times

In this article, we will explore the JavaScript Date object and its various methods to handle and manipulate dates effectively.

Exploring Jest: A Powerful Tool for Unit Testing

Unit testing is an essential practice in modern software development, enabling developers to ensure the correctness and robustness of their code. Among the plethora of testing frameworks available, Jest stands out as a powerful and widely adopted tool for JavaScript unit testing. In this post, we'll delve into the world


Beginning of the Journey


Mastering Responsive Design: CSS Media Queries and Breakpoints

In this day and age, many people view websites on various devices with different screen widths. In this post, we will explore how to achieve responsive design by using CSS media queries and breakpoints.

Implementing Dynamic Content with JavaScript and Fetch API

In this post we will learn how to use JavaScript Fetch API to make GET and POST API requests. We will go through some basic concepts and explore some interesting examples.

Adding Smooth Animations with CSS Transition

In this post, we'll explore various CSS animations with practical examples. We'll cover transitions, smooth state changes, eye-catching effects, and advanced control. Get ready to discover the power of CSS animations!

Generating Compact Numbers in JavaScript

Do you find yourself needing to generate compact numbers in your JavaScript code? In this post, we'll explore a simple technique to generate concise representations of large numbers in JavaScript.